Miniature Curiosa explores the underbelly of childhood nostalgia with the disappointed eyeballs of adulthood. Through low-fi technology, puppetry, and non-linear storytelling, Miniature Curiosa presents fast-moving, fast-talking (sometimes malfunctioning) live action comic books. This is not the theatre. This is the living room of an overzealous magician who doesn’t know any tricks.

Miniature Curiosa is Zach Dorn and Murphi Cook. 




In 2013, Miniature Curiosa traveled and performed in 17 cities across North America. This fall, we picked our five favorite. Over 555 days, Miniature Curiosa promises to re-locate to each of these cities, where we will develop, create, and perform an entirely new spectacle. These spectacles will be funded by the day jobs we acquire and by you. Pick the place you live or the place you wish you lived and we will bring all the magic we can muster to the good citizens of each of these cities. 

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